Strategy never happens in a clean, straight line. Differentiating between the problem and its symptoms, uncovering human truths, finding ways to align to cultural trends and ultimately solving problems creatively requires a level of chaos, experimentation and intuitive stumbling in the dark before we reach the light.

The process is unruly because people, culture and brains are unruly. The messier the start, the richer the end result.

Initiated by a group of planners under the Ad Council umbrella, The Mess is a place for the Australian strategy community to share trends, techniques, experiences and learnings in an attempt to support and elevate one another – and the value of our work.

Think of The Mess as strategy sauce – the perfect accompaniment to your next thought meal. It’s the place to come when you’re feeling lost, when you’re thirsty for knowledge, or when you just want to see how other people think.

If you’d like to get involved, or have an article or presentation you’d like to share, get in touch at themess@adcouncil.org.au